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Cook a unusual romantic dinner for you and your sweet woman. Fire a few of aromatic candles and put some exciting music on. This evening will be only for you!

Send a big bouquet of red roses to your sweet lady without any grounds. Do it as much as you desire, she will be shocked.

Leave lots of red rose petals on her bed. You’ll see what a wonderful night you’ll spend with your woman.

Speak softly a lot of admiration words in her ear when the whole room are watching at you. Tell your dear woman how beautiful she is.

you will be sancrified with passion from your soul mate.

Watch uninterruptedly into the eyes of your woman and give much more notice to what she tells you!

Cook a coffee and fine breakfast for your loved lady. Carry this significant breakfast with a great white rose into her bed. Make a wonder: do it at the same second when she rises her eyes.

Find or compose a fine passion essay and transmit it to your loved girl. It will be like in past time when men described their love feelings in rhythmic manner.

Make your delightful fantasies and transmit them to your lady by specific post. She will be highly stunned.

When dining out, give each other everything: your food and sweets and forks – feed one another.

Hide a brilliant necklace in a box of chocolate sweets which you will bring with you at your date.

Make a pillow struggle time to time.

When you are together at some birthday party, breathe in your girl’s ear the sweet words from her best-loved love song and try to sing it for her.

Another time you will cook food for your soul mate, give him/her an invoice: drink – 2 kisses in a cheek, cucumber salad – 6 kisses, hot drink- large hug.

And NEVER, NEVER, NEVER say “I told you so. Why did not you pay attention to me? “.

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