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If you bought contact information of a Russian woman living in St-Petersburg, and you are already communicating with her or intend to communicate but want to feel secure that you communicate with the person you want to communicate, that she is a real person living here, then we Can Help!!
We can easily check information on Russian women you buy or receive from different sources. We are based in St-Petersburg, Russia, and we can check the information about thewomen living here.
We will need from you: the girl’s surname, first name, the date of birth, name and postal address. We will be able to verify if she really does liveat theaddress you were given,if she is of the age stated to you, and other people she lives with, children or spouses not listed, for example.

Why do you need it?

There are cases when the women that are listed on different web sites do not exist. First, some agencies offer the individual postal addresses of the women, or chargefor each letter forwarded. Imagine, you have a product that you can sell as many times as you want- 3 times a day, or 20 times a day, some of these products are very popular and many people buy it , but then your product comes to you and tells you (I am going to marry, I do not want you to sell my address)?. Yes, some of the agencies take the profile of thewoman away, but many prefer to sell it many times, even after that particular woman has found what she has been looking for. That is the first reason why there are manywomen but they do not exist. They arenowmarried and have another surname or sometimes even have already children :)? in their happy marriage.

The second reason is: – scammers. Let me give you an example. 2 weeks ago a man (let’s call him Jack)? wrote to me, that he bought an address of a beautiful girl in a very big site, she is a a beautiful blond of 21, very serious, good English, but after several letters there has begun something strange- she told him “I love you and want to come to you to America. I need to go to Moscow and take a visa for america there. It is only 382 usd and I will buy the tickets to Moscow and we will be happy together in USA. We will walk, we will make love, and we will enjoy life. Let’s talk about what we will do there. “The man wrote to me, that it was strange, as he had heard that it was very VERY difficult to get visa to USA, the girl should make a fianc?e visa or something like that to go to USA. What is happening? He gave me her address and her surname. I checked these and yes, there was a person with the name given to him, but it was a 52 year old woman living there with her son. Her son was scamming that man, writing to him these letters. He had taken somewhere pictures of a girl, put there, and was writing as if he had been her. He had to give his mother’s name; otherwise he could not receive Western Union money. But there was never awoman with that name in St-Petersburg or by that address. Of course the mother knew nothing about her son’s enterprise. That’s why I suggested to you to check the girl and see if she is real and a girl not a man.

How to avoid such people and agencies?

It is very difficult. Upon requests we check women, the information they give to the men, help in some cases to reveal true identity of the girl.

1. There are men who prefer to pay for the address and email forwarding, but we advise not paying for individual addresses. If you subscribe to an agency and have access to many women, you reduce the chances of being sold outdated and overused addresses and names. Then the agency has no profit from outdated names and addresses.
2. It would be great if you can find an agency that verifies the information. It shows that the girl was checked and the agency guarantees that the girl really exists, and the information she has provides is real.
3. In any agency, with any woman, if you see that something goes agaist common sense , ask somebody to explain to you if you are being cheated or is it normal in Russia.
4. Ask awoman to give you a phone number and try to reach her by phone and talk to her. (Some of the men I talked with tell me that thewomanthey communicate with, can’t give me their telephone number because shetells methat most people in Russia do not have telephones – it is a lie! In some rare cases people really do not have telephones, but then they have mobiles or telephones at work and you can agree to phone ata designatedtime and talk to her. But it isveryrare. Even if she does not understand English, you can say hello andlaugh. It may also be possible to hire a translator and set up a conference call.
5. Never ever give money to a girl until you meet her, until you see that she is serious and interested in you. Our agency can help keep you safe!!
Send to us:
– A girl’s postal address in St-Petersburg
– Her surname and her name
– The date of her birth
– Order Checking information of a girl living in St-Petersburg
You will have the result of the check in 2 working days.
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