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Our agency does not provide its clients with the service of selling contact information of our ladies. Men register and exchange messages on the site with any of the ladies from the database. But we do provide men who bought postal addresses of Russian women from other agencies with letter forwarding service. (Though we recommend if the Russian girl lives in St-Petersburg to check the information provided by this girl through our Checking information of a girl living in St-Petersburg service)?.
If the Russian lady lives in St-Petersburg, then we can deliver the message that day or if you have her telephone number then phone to her and tell about a message from you.
If the Russian woman you want to send a letter does not live in St-Petersburg, then after receiving your message (You can send us up to 5 typed pages.)? we will put it into an envelope and send it to the lady. She can answer to your email (if she has access to Internet)?, she can phone to us and dictate her reply or send a letter by postal mail to our or your address. Then it will be scanned and sent to you.
If you want to send a colored printed image of you with your letter, please pay twice for email forwarding (one for sending the letter by postal address, the second for printing your colored image)?. And we will put your letter and your photo to an envelope with an additional envelope inside to write you back easier.
– Send a letter that you want us to send
– Send us the postal address, the surname and name of the Russian lady.
Send the instructions to us:
– If you want your letter translated
– If you want to put a colored picture inside the envelope
Order message forwarding.
The letter will be sent to the lady that day by postal mail.
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