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Many clients come to me for different consultations. What are the usual things they come for?
Maybe the most demanded requests are two:

One is when a man communicates with a woman, he is going to come to Russia to her, but something seems wrong. He feels that something is not as he is told. He wants to be sure, to be confident. Maybe it is right for Russia, and for Russian women, maybe not. What is happening? He wants to understand and know it from a reliable source. Men ask me for consultations, after collecting all information, and some talk with them I can advise them, or explain what to do in this situation, or help them with a strategy to follow. I can do the analysis if the girl is a scammer, if she is ready to move to your country or will delay this step forever and other things.

Another situation is when a man asks for my professional recommendation on how to stop doing the same and the same mistake over and over again. He wants to build the relationship with a Russian woman. He finds a Russian woman he likes on some site; he begins to communicate with her, they like each other, meet each other a nd everything is perfect, but?. But something goes wrong, and in some time break and he has to begin anew. The same happens over and over again. These clients come to me to see why it is happening, how to avoid and how to do so that he could build a family, have a happy wife and children at home.
Agree with the Counsellor/Personal Advisor on the way to do the analysis (can be ICQ, can be email or some other) and the time of it.
Order a consultation for one hour
Send all the material that the Personal advisor needs to examine to give qualified analysis
Do you want to have the consultation of professional matchmaker and a psychologist, a professional analyzer of relationship between russian women and western man?
– Just order it!
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