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The psychologists of our agency provide personalized service for the client:

Full compatibility report of a couple based on our psychology Personality Interpreter test with personalized analysis.
The psychologist first talks with the client about the kind of relationship the client wants, and what is important for him. Then he closely examines the result of the couple’s tests of and their automatic compatibility result. In addition to the report for Gold account clients, the psychologist also has the several pages long professional psychological compatibility report that together with the psychologist’s comments, recommendation and advice will be presented to the client later. All things taken into account, the psychologist writes short summary where he describes compatibility, the positives of the couple, problems that might occur in the beginning of the relationship, further problems that might occur, ways to avoid them, answers to the client’s questions concerning the relationship of these two people, and gives advice if required.
The client also receives personalized analysis by the psychologist and a professional compatibility report to keep.

Full professional personalized analysis of your personality based on the Personality Interpreter psychology test.
Do you want to know more about yourself? Do you want to go to the way of self-discovery to understand yourself better and reach fulfilling and satisfying relationship? Our psychologist closely read your Personality Interpreter test result for professionals and writes a personalized analysis where you can find what makes you different from other people, your motives, how other people perceive you, advice and recommendation on the type of relationship that will be the most satisfying for you, and the type of partner with whom you can build a happy relationship; recommendation on the image that will help you attract exactly those people with whom you will be happy, and advice on how to build positive a relationship.
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