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Nov 24,2008

This site is wonderful, every lady I have seen are beautiful.


Nov 22,2008

I have yet to see a russian girl on this website that is not amazing. They are ALL beautiful. If all Russian girls are this beautiful, Vasyob Amerika I’ll be be in Russia if you need me!

Micah, 23 yo, United States of America, Lexington

Nov 15,2008

You have the best web site in thw world. i never seen so many pretty ladies at one time. even thou i have not found one yet but i am syre with luck it will happen. jm

James, 70 yo, United States of America, New York

Nov 11,2008

I wanted to say thanks for such a great site! Through your site, I have found the woman of my dreams! (Well, she first winked at me, so maybe she found me!) Most important, we have found in each other absolute harmony!
I recently traveled to meet her in her home town and we spent 10 wonderful days together. It was the best trip of my life, and better than I ever imagined! Thanks for all of your help, and for your site! We are very much in love, thanks for helping us ‘find’ each other!

Eric, 35 yo, United States of America, Harrison

Nov 10,2008

Thank you so much for this site. I have met my soul mate half way across the planet in Kazakhstn. I plan to visit very soon so we can plan our future. Once again thank you so much for this site. I thank the lord everyday for my lovely Raissa.

Chuck, 47 yo, United States of America, Chandler

Nov 9,2008

i have found the love of my life on your site, thank you very much

Giovanni, 32 yo, Belgium, Antwerpen

Nov 5,2008

Thank you very much for your services. I like it a lot. I did found my partner.

Natalia, 48 yo, Russia, Barnaul

Nov 4,2008

I have found a lovely lady. You have a great website thanks you

Richard, 40 yo, United Kingdom, Southampton

Oct 28,2008

i find good man here. Thank you very much. I hope it will work for us. Thank you very much for help. We both very happy!!!!!!

Alla, 33 yo, England, Surrey

Oct 26,2008

I Have found what I was looking for. I am so happy. Thank you. And I don’t want to disapoint other ladies by having an active profile, but never answer their mailes.

Hans, 88 yo, Denmark

Oct 23,2008

The site was so sucessfull that I have found a lady of my choice within 2 days and it is causing anguish the number of contacts that request my time and friendship.
Many thanks, its been a good experience, Leslie

Leslie John, 62 yo, United Kingdom, Southampton

Oct 18,2008

I think this is one of the best side in Internet. I found my love !!! Thanks

Franz, 61 yo, Austria, Wien

Oct 16,2008

I found a nice girl in your site and I want to thank so much, I just came back from Kiev the place where we met, your site is very good and I want to recomed to so many persons regards

Ricardo, 45 yo, Mexico, Villahermosa

Oct 11,2008

I have found someone very nice on this site, and do not wish to correspond with anyone else. Thank you very much for your services and assistance over the last few months.

Jerry, 33 yo, United States of America

Oct 10,2008

It was an experience, thank you so much.You help me to find my love. Thank you


Oct 8,2008

This site is wonderful, every lady I have seen are beautiful, but when I found my true love it was like being in a dream. Thank you for your help…


Oct 4,2008

it looks so helpful for such a person like me who is serching life partner for ling time and haven’t able to find one.

Basant Raj Gurung

Oct 3,2008

Sehr geehrte Damen. Im Januar als ich auf diese Internetseite gekommen bin habe ich sofort eine Frau kennen gelernt und in sie die Frau gesehen die mein Leben begleiten könnte. Mitlerweile haben wir uns gegenseitig besucht und uns richtig ineinander verliebt. trotz der verschiedenen Mentalität passen wir sehr gut zusammen. Leider haben wir zum heiraten Deutschland ausgesucht und somit verbringen wir schon Monate damit unsere Ehe vorzubereiten. Wenn nicht mehr gravierende Umstände dazu kommen werden wir dieses Jahr noch heiraten. Ihre Internetseite ist zu empfehlen, ich finde sie als einer der Ehrlichen in diesem Tschungel der Anbieter. Machen sie weiter so. Ich hoffe das noch viele Paare so glücklich werde wie wir es sind. Ich konnte mich leider nicht ganz löschen und bekomme immer noch Zuschriften. Meine Bitte an sie ist mich doch ganz herauszunehmen.Mit freundlichen Grüssen.

Karl Joss, 52 yo, Germany, Frankfurt

Sep 30,2008

Found what I am looking for. Marina is gorgeous and I am very happy. Thank you.

Daren, 37 yo, Australia, New South Wales

Sep 26,2008

I have found the girl of my dreams

Rendle, 49 yo, United Kingdom, London

Sep 25,2008

I have foound a wonderful woman from your site….and we are now married and living happily in Florida. Thank you for all of the help in meeting my soul-mate.

Maurice, 54 yo, United States of America

Sep 23,2008

I have found my future wife and, therefore, need to cancel my membership. Thanks for removing me from your mailing.

Tom, yo 50, United States of America, New York

Sep 20,2008

I found a very nice lady, thank you very much for your service. You have many beautiful ladys to choose from. Paul

Paul, yo 50, United States of America

Sep 17,2008

I found the woman of my life – (nur1) and we will get married. thank you for your help! best wishes and much success – Harald

Harald, yo 44, Germany, Saarbrucken

Sep 16,2008

I now have my Wife, my Angel and my Mate in Life. Thank You!

Storm, 37 yo, United States of America, Tennessee

Sep 13,2008

I have found my love! thank you.

Grenville, 24 yo, New Zealand, Hastings

Sep 12,2008

I have met a lady I am interested in.. We going to meet

Brian 62 yo, Australia, Melbourne

Sep 9,2008

Thank you I ve found a nice person. Appreciate very much your help. Serious site with serious women.

Ciao Rodolfo 46 yo, Italy, Ancona

Sep 5,2008

I have been able to find my girl on this page. Last weekend I went down to Ukraine to see here and we fell in love and we are not two single persons anymore! 🙂 I would say a big thanks to this page, a place where I found my lovely girl!
Best Regards.

Erik Dahl, Sweden

Aug 31,2008

Con vero piacere Vi annuncio che grazie al vostro sito, e tanta fortuna, ho trovato la persona che cercavo da tempo! Mi sono nuovamente iscritto per ringraziare chi ha voluto diventare mio amico e mi ha dato fiducia. Oxodessa mi ha incontrato in Italia e presto ci vedremo di nuovo. Grazie a tutte voi Diego

Diego 41 yo, Italy, Milano

Aug 25,2008

i wanted to thank you for this great site.i had my dreams woman by means of your site.we met and we are so happy.thanks again

Bilal 46 yo, Turkey, Mardin

Aug 23,2008

Well I never thought I would ever fall in love again at the age of 64! Well through your website I have! In only such short time, of exchanging letters and enjoying a wonderful holiday togeather we are going to commit our lives to each other. I must thank you all so sincerely for the good work you do in bringing people of a like nature togeather. Thank you for bringing freash light and life to both of us. Regards!

Peter 64 yo, United Kingdom

Aug 18,2008

Ringrazio sentitamente questo sito ed i suoi promotori, ho conosciuto una ragazza stupenda di nome Ludmila, ci telefoniamo ormai costantemente ogni giorno, abbiamo progetti. Non so’ a priori come andrà a finire, ma lasciare attivo il mio profilo sarebbe come tradirla. Ed io, non me la sento di tradirla. E’ stato un piacere, e Vi ringrazio, ma vorrei cancellare il mio profilo. AUGURI A TUTTI !!!

Roberto 45 yo, Italy, Ferrara

Aug 16,2008

You can always find the one who is different from the others, the one who differs from the mass. It’s a matter of the right timing and the right place. I am soon going to meet my Maria who is the one that is different from ALL others. I hope that the magic between us will be proven to be so special as we feel it to be. Thank you Maria for what you have made me feel so far and i wish the best for both of us…

Vassilis 39 yo, Greece, Athina

Aug 15,2008

You guys have a great service, actually fantastic, however I already found the woman I was looking for. Thank you so much for the wonderful support you provide.

Sincerely, Carlos Lopez 47 yo

Aug 12,2008

I found my man,I hope this rilation will have a life! Thanks !

Ukraine, Viktoria 26

Aug 10,2008

I met a beautiful women from Russia here in the states of all places. We are flying back to her home to meet family before traveling around Europe to get to know each other better. The inquiries from this wonderful site is enough to make a sane man insane. Quite overwhelming to be honest.

USA, James 37 yo

Aug 7,2008



Aug 6,2008

I have met the most wonerful lady through your site. We emailed, spoke and met. She is wonderful and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her! Thank you very much for providing the means to make this possible.and ı am recommending this site to everybody.great site ever ı have seen.thanks

asaad 46 yo

Aug 3,2008

your site is a good ,helpful site , and I want to thank you about nice mails I received from you

hesham 46 yo

Aug 2,2008

I have found the love of my life on your site and will be married soon. Thank you for your services


Jul 28,2008

I would like to tell you that the lady you have working as a site manager named Yelena is absolutely wonderful!! Not only does she translate my letters ina very acurate and timely manner; she goes the extra mile in many ways. She has given advice and little insight into your culture that has helped me when i am talking to the great women i have met on this site. She is truly an asset to your company and deserves to be recognized for her outstanding sevice. Thank you.

Johnny Eggen

Jul 23,2008

Hello dear
thank you for your nice services and i already found my soul mate. so please delete my personal page. thank you again
best regard


Jul 21,2008

I have found the love of my life on your site and will be married soon. Thank you for your services

Steve 58 yo

Jul 17,2008

I would like to express gratitude to your site. You have connected two lost halfs, you have helped us to find each other and to find happiness. One month ago on June, 13th (by the way Friday of 13th) we have met. It was the happiest day in my life. My heart overflows with happiness because the sincere love has settled in it. This feeling grows in me every day. My Sam, my malysh is the most amazing Man in the world, he is the Only Man in the world. He is unique! He is my reason for existance…THANK YOU for the given chance to be happy from all my heart. We used it and will do our best not to lose our happiness.


Jul 15,2008

i found my love on this site .. thank you for letting me participate

yours truly Lawrence

Jul 14,2008

Thank you I have used this site since last Aug — this is the only site I would use as I have gone to meet three ladies from this site — one in Russia and two that are in Ukriane — I am now going back to the third lady — I am hoping it will workout for us — If not I will come back —- I have read much of the information on this site and the advice you have given in here — it has been very good —- all three ladies I meet where good and do not reget meeting any of them — the last lady of course we are taking it slowly — thankyou


Jul 10,2008

I have found my love in this site. Yhank you very much

OLga 31 yo

Jul 7,2008

I have found somebody thanks alot

Jason, 38 yo

Jul 6,2008

Hello ! Thanks to your wonderful website, I have met the greatest woman I have ever known!!! I just returned yesterday from the best vacation I have ever had in her town in Southern Siberia…. She is absolutely wonderful, intelligent, kind, caring and beautiful!!! I had almost given up hope of finding someone like her until I found your website! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Going to see Russia was the greatest decision I have made in my life and I loved the scenic beauty of the Altay region and met the love of my life! What more could one man ask for?


Jul 4,2008

i find my sweet wife from your website thank you very much

Nael, 37yo

Jul 1,2008

Yes i really want to delete my profile thanks have found the woman of my dreams on your website.So to prove I’m sincere to her it’s time to delete my profile million thanks…..cheers

Michael 50 yo

Jun 30,2008

it was very nice to be in your site.But now i found my woman,I want u to delete me from this site,Thank u for everything. Greetings,


Jun 29,2008

Congratulations for your excellent web page, now, I known a very nice girl here and I flown to Ukraine last week to know her and we want to be together

Alejandro. 42 yo, Mexico

Jun 27,2008

Yes I did, I have found a beautiful person and as a form of respect to her I would like this profile to be deleted… Thanks a lot Russians great people.

Rodolfo, Italy

Jun 26,2008

Hej, I have found a friend and I feel that I would be cheating a lot of wimmen. I would like to thank you for the good sight and if I am not going to continue my relationship I will defenetlu come back to you.

Kind Regards, Edvard

Jun 24,2008

I have found the woman of my life. Thanks

Antonio, 53yo

Jun 22,2008

Thank you, i found some friends on here and one of them is more than a friend i think…:) It’s a good site, thank you for everything!

John 45 yo

Jun 20,2008

I went to Russia (Moscow), and I found the most beautiful girl from Russia. Now she’s my girlfriend and next year we are planning to get marry. Thanks a lot for this great site, it really worked for us.

Pedro 31 yo

Jun 19,2008

I have found and met a lovely person and I believe we will have a future together ! This site has been the most professional and i have not encountered any scammers here! Thank You very much and should need a dating service in the future I will certainly return to this site.

Regards Steffan Australia

Jun 17,2008

im too busy, great site but I cant handle all the emails, sorry, just for now, thanks

Stu Australia, 53 yo

Jun 16,2008

In the beginning, i thought this website will be like other sites,nothing more than talks.But i found my second half here,my olya, i falled in llove with her, and ill marry here soon.she’s amazing lady and she caught my heart, mind, and soul. Thank you, its time to move away. I love her…

Sam, 25 yo

Jun 15,2008

I have met the most wonerful person thru your site. We emailed, spoke and met. She is wonderful and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her! Thank you very much for providing the means to make this possible


Jun 13,2008

hmmm… well, think i found my woman and there is no need to look at other profiles to start interest in others. it is not fair to them or to the woman i have found !! spaciba !!

Bo 55 yo

Jun 12,2008

It has been the greatest experience in my life and i have met the most beautiful of people here. Now its time for me to move away. Thank you!!!

Ashley, 27 yo

Jun 10,2008

I have found the love of life. We will meet July 14 in Russia and we will be married shortly after. Thank you so much for helping me find my one true love.


Jun 9,2008

I have found my love. The site is wonderful and I had no issues at all. Thank you.

william, 46 yo

Jun 7,2008

Thanks to this web site i found my true love Karina,,im now the happyest man on this earth thanks to this agensy!!!!

william, 36 yo

Jun 6,2008

I feel really happy I inscribed to your Web site. I met some interesting women, and one of them, she is really special.

Sandro, 41yo

Jun 5,2008

i have found her!! and i found her here!!

chris, 43 yo

Jun 4,2008

thank you.i met a lovely lady.thank you for great service.


Jun 3,2008

I really like this site. The customer service has been very satisfactory and helpful. I appreciate they got the flowers I ordered for a lady’s birthday and they indeed arrived on time. They are also very helpful in that if you have any questions, they will answer you within 48 hours if not sooner. I’ve started correspondence with a couple of ladies here and have found them to be down-to-earth, no-nonsense ladies. I’ve had a couple of would-be scammers and the great thing is that this site weeds them out pretty efficiently. For now, I have nothing but praise for this site, with regards to their services. Now, as far as making a relationship work and finding that special someone, that’s between you and the lady of course. I wish all of you the best of luck in your search for the right one! I hope I will soon!


Jun 2,2008

I have begun a relationship with a lady, and not longer need your service. I therefore ask you to delete my profile, but ensure you, that I will be back again making a new profile, should the need occur. Thank you for a perfect site,

Yours, Johnny mundus

Jun 1,2008

I had an excellent experience with your site. I found your site to be the best one I had dealt with. It was fun to use and I always had lots of responses. Thank you for your help..

Yazan, 21

Jun 31,2008

I will stop my membership here now, because i have find my love here. Thanks for a great site, and i will recomand it to every single person i know. It is a clean site (not so many scammers) and it is a lot of great women in here, almost so many that i at times had problem, because i got feelings for more than one, but in the end, i finaly desided for my Olia, and i think that will make me a very happy man 😉 Thank you again 🙂

Petter, Norway

May 30,2008

I wrote before but had to again. I wish to thank you so much. I met my future wife here. I will be marrying my best friend, Olesya, in Irkutsk Russia in November. She is everything I ever imagined for me. I again wish to say thankyou. Will send you pictures.

Greg S. 40 Hamilton, Ohio USA

May 29,2008

As I have found someone on your site that I will be visiting in August I wish to delete my profile. Thank you for an excellent site.

Robert USA

May 27,2008

I have begun a relationship with a lady, and no longer need this service. It was wonderful, and thank you.

James Mackey

May 26,2008

Yes I wish to deleye my profile and pictures. This site is one of the best sites I have evry been on. Should I ever join a dting site again this will be the one. However..for now I wish to delete my accoiunt. Thanks


May 25,2008

Great site i have met many friends on here and soon i hope to visit russia to see some of them great job well done

Michael from Australia, 44 yo

May 24,2008

Dear organizers dating site!
I would like to thank you for what you have created this project. I have never believed in true love, but thank to your site, I met a most remarkable man! His name is Greg, and he is 40 from Ohio, USA. And he gave me to understand that there is such thing as true love! We love each other and going to marry soon here in Irkutsk! We are happy because of you! Thank you very much!

Olesya, 27 – Irkutsk, Russia

May 23,2008

I also desire complimenting myself with you and all who administrate this site,I think you do an excellent job of overlooking and (surveillance) of tha activities.You are very careful and professional,and this makes (clients) like myself feel better and (protected).Really an excellent effort on your behalf,I admire your administration.Unlike most western sites where you will find just about every kind of (garbage)!!!!!!And administration does never provide you with the same service,they do not even dream about contacting a person directly like you do.People are just numbers to them…..Once again,thanks for your excellence and courtesy,my best wishes and a very pleasant day to you,a big hug,bye 🙂 🙂


May 22,2008

i realy hope that i’m find my dream man))) thanks a lot of your site


May 18,2008

I have found somebody on this site that i would like to give my full attention to. Congratulations on a excellent service.

Patrick, Ireland.

May 15,2008

I was so lucky to hsve found my soul mate with whom I want to live for the rest of my life. Thanking you to have brought me together with my destinity with probably the best match I ever could wish for.

Jacob, 77 yo

May 14,2008

I have the Woman for me and I would like to thank you for you help in this matter we are very Happy people the Both of us I wish to tank the Agency for your help. Yours Sincerely.


May 12,2008

To Whom it May Concern. I wish to thank you for your help in finding the most Beautiful Woman I’m very Happy. To all concerned I again wish to Thank You. Yours Sincerely

Phillip Jenkinson

May 10,2008

would like to come back when I am ready; this is a great site! and serious and genuine; I would gladly start talking and making my good choice but too soon for me.

Marc, 41 yo

May 9,2008

Hi, found someone who is beautiful, smart and interesting and meeting up soon, so thats it for now. Good site and its been fun !!

howard 43 yo

May 7,2008

I have found the love of my life on your site!!!! She is everything to me. I will be with her in Irkutsk in September and I hope forever after that. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! You have made a dream come true. She is my life now…and I believe her when she says I am hers.

Greg, 40 yo

May 6,2008

Hello. First of all I want to thank you that you helped me find my soulmate here on this site, it was a realy helpful site! Second, I want you to delete my profile again…because….even though that I am a very curious person, my better half got very upset when she saw that I had my profile here. And therefore I find it better to not have it, so it make her more relaxed. thank you again and have a nice day!:o)
best regards

Øyvind (nickname:healthy-benefits)

May 5,2008

I have found a wonderful Russian woman on your site and I would like to say Thank You very much… I have tried many websites both local in the U.S. and abroad and yours is the best. I have had many pleasant experiences here and enjoyed my time on the site.

Chris 40 yo

May 4,2008

Like a breath of fresh air in the summer heat, your site has again given me hope. Unlike many sites that only strip one of money, yours is honest, I want to thank you

memolim 25 yo

May 2,2008

I have found someone and I wish not to receive any more notices thank you ,you have helped me a lot you have lovely women on this site

Brian 50 yo

May 1,2008

I have found a man through your site. Thank you! Hope other people will be as lucky as I’m.

Natasha 40 yo

Apr 30,2008

I met my love thanks your site, Kind regards

Elena 25 yo

Apr 29,2008

I have found the most beautiful…. passionate… bright, sunny girl in all of the world… and I believe that she will be my wife…. thank you for your webservice!

Eddie, 35 yo

Apr 27,2008

Hi, I realy never expect that your site is so wonderful,perfect and full of wonderful,cultured and real ladies that is no compliment and i am sure i will find my second half here hope you the best for every one. Thank you and to all your crew

Dr Sameh Zaki, From Egypt

Apr 24,2008

I wanted to write and thank you for the only ‘real’ dating site there is anywhere. I have met so many nice woman on this site and one who I am communicating with several times a day. So far, everything with Marina has been wonderful, she is such a breath of fresh air and so wonderful and sweet. I read somewhere before that American woman could learn alot from Russian woman and I totally agree with that. Russian woman look at your eyes, your soul, your heart and not someother less important feature. Thank you to the site for being easy to navigate, to all of you woman who are looking for ‘their other half’ and good luck to all of you.

Kansas City, USA, Robert, 54 yo

Apr 22,2008

I believe I have found the right person for me. Thanks for your help!!

Sean, 26 yo

Apr 19,2008

I think i have found the true love and the best man , thank you all for a great job and i loved this site! the best site online Thank you all

Victoria 36 yo

Apr 17,2008

you are wonderful, thank you so much for giving me the chance to be on your great site, I love you all for this, I found my one and only great love on your site, spasibo! I send you three friendship kisses on your cheeks

Pierre 53 yo

Apr 16,2008

first of all, i want to thank you this site because in very long time seeking…i finally found my soulmate. actually i am already married. and to all the girls who still sending me a message…thank you so much but sad to say that i am sorry bcoz i am already married and i am happy with my wife now. so, all i can say… just goodluck to all of you and hope you can find someone of what you are looking for. and again thank you so much of this site and i want to removed my profile here.

joe 39 yo

Apr 14,2008

i have found someone and i’m so happy with her we are meting soon for a 2 week holiday together thanks for the site it’s 101%

tony 50 yo

Apr 12,2008

Thank you very much, and again…I am very greatful that you guided me to this site. It really works and you have made me the happiest man ever! At the same moment I want you to delete my profile since my mission is accomplished! Thank you!! have nice day…and I wish you the best in life!! best regards

Øyvind from Norway!

Apr 11,2008

First off all I want to thank you, and this site…because…I have found my dreamgirl in here, we have allready met 🙂 and to be honest she is with me at the moment. So I will use this moment to thank you alot that you brought us together, I am so in love and its the same with my girlfriend.
She has allready made you delete her profile, she is actually from Latvia but lives in Ireland…and in Januar I travelled to meet her Very Happy and from there everything has been like a fairytale…so again…thank you so much for bringing us together!!
Still…I will have this site in the back of my mind, and I will recomend it to all of my friends since you seems as a serious and professional site…and I want to wish you good luck!!
Thank you again…you are wonderful!!!
best regards

Øyvind Anthonsen

Apr 9,2008

Like a breath of fresh air in the summer heat, your site has again given me hope. Unlike many sites that only strip one of money, yours is honest, I want to thank you!

Dan 48 yo

Apr 8,2008

I am very appreciative this site and strongly recommended it to any single person looking for love. I had found a lot of perspective and good character women in this site. The most important point I want to highlight is that I found true love in this site.

Hesham, 40 yo

Apr 7,2008

i think this site is great for meeting women and for making love with the hand. i have found one women, i think she will let me make a love explosion on her stomach. GREAT SUCCESS!

Phillipo, 60 yo

Apr 6,2008

The engineers of this website have done a very good job of organizing this website. I cannot think of anyway to iimprove it. I am deleting my profile strictly for personal reasons, none of which could be resolved by this website. I wish you and all members of this website the best of all outcomes.

woodie 61 yo

Apr 5,2008

I will recomand this site to my single friends. I have find many potential good women here, and have a very romantic relationship with one espesially here. But the most important is that this is the best dating site i have been at, and i have ben at some 😉 That is mostly because of the great variation of girls here, and the seriousity of the company. I have experienced very good and fast service here, and they help me if i suspect anyone of beeing a scammer. And there is a lot less scammers here, than it is in other sites i have been on. Yes.. this is a great site, and i love it here, and know i will find my princess here 😉 happy happy

Petter 41 yo

Apr 3,2008

I did find a wonderful person on this site and am very happy!!!! I did get some good friends to whom i would like to keep!!! But the know how to reach me. I did get no 1 in 3 days and was shocked in a positive way, never thuoght that some thing like this could happen to me! I wish all the rest of the lovely woman good luck, that the may find ther match the are looking for 🙂 Good luck to al the other men! you find some speacial persons here!! just like me!!!!!!! Love takes a strange way in life but it’s wurth it!!!!!!! Thanks to all of the team of this site!!!! :-))

Richard , 38 yo

Apr 2,2008

vi ringrazio per avermi dato la possibilita di conoscere la donna della mia vita una bellissima donna ilo suo nick è missisblond vi chiediamo gentilmente di cancellare i nostri profili ringraziandovi per tutto quello che abbiamo ricevuto grazie ancora

Dino, 42 yo, Italy

Mar 31,2008

This is a wonderful site! It is very practical & easy to use also can be used in a free manner to help connect the wonderful Russian culture with others!

Kev, 29 yo, USA

Mar 29,2008

I have found my true love, I am very happy that your website has helped me, I thank you very much ! I hope to send you photo of us in future if OK

Jason, 38 yo, Australia

Mar 28,2008

Thank you for your services. I do believe that the $40 I spent on membership was the best investment that I have ever made in my life. I met several very nice and pleasant ladies, AND I do believe that I have met the woman I hope to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you again…

Bruce in Florida (tygrr69)

Mar 26,2008

i have meet on the site a woman who i want to spend my life with, my many thank to you at the site. would you be so kind as to remove my details from the site, and again my thanks.

Tom 57л

Mar 25,2008

Thanks to the girlie.W-ru Website!! I have found the woman of my dreams, we have been in contact now for 5 months!! I meet her in 2 weeks!!Thanks again?? If youre doubting this web site, DONT!! It is the best thing ever!!


Mar 23,2008

I have found the woman of my dreams on this site. So thankyou for making my dreams come true!!

Maurice, 49 yo

Mar 21,2008

i found a man i was looking for… Thank you…

Elena, 44 yo

Mar 20,2008

i have found a girl whom i have met. we want to be together, thanks irina for all your help

Robert, 26 yo

Mar 18,2008

congratulations, is the first time I feel free, confortable and very enjoyed by beeing a member to your site…. lovely done, easy to use, clear almost perfect Smile)

Chris From Cannes

Mar 17,2008

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I hope to coninue to use this site I do have a recomendation though in the profile segment that aske for your “desees” I think it should say disability it may bebecause of a translation problem but to me desees is like HIV or Cancer. DISABILITY on the other hand is a birth defect or Accedent like car crash that leaves you un able to do what you could before. im sorry about my spelling im dislexic but i hope you understand and think about changing desees to disability. thank you


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