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I have a question regarding the girls that I meet. I see that most girls that I come across tend to say that they want a family and children, quite quick and early on. Are they being genuine in their comments or it is some thing they say to impress the men? I am not sure and I do not know what to make of it. Please reply.
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please help. I am female and 49yrs old. i would so much like to have a good relationship with a man and i love to sex up with a man but i have so many morals that are hindering me. i am a catholic and religion says that its wrong to do sex and i feel as if i am exploding. i so much need a man. what can i do please?
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why do so many russian women want to come to the u.s. ?
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every time I get intrerested in a russian girl she out of the clear askes me for money then never communicate back to me. How much are papers to visit the USA.?
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I have heard Russian women can be very stubborn. To the point where they would rather be miserable and sad than to admit they were wrong especially in love. I ask as my fiance became upset and believed I was lying (which I was not) and decide to “move on” with her life. We still talk and I can tell she still cares very deeply for me, but she seems determined to be miserable than to work to fix things. Is this stubbornness normal in Russain women? I won’t give up on her. We lived together for almost a year in the Ukraine and were to be married. I don’t understand how she could give up so easy especially when I can tell she still loves me.
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Dear Dr. Ivanov,How difficult is it for a Russian child to adapt to life in a foreign country? The child I am thinking of is l2 year old girl, she’ll be l3 if I marry her Russian mother, and would live in Southern California. I have been to Russia twice to see the mother and daughter. They live in a relatively small city. Southern California is very large and almost like a different planet than their small city. The daughter seems to like me, but she is a very quiet child. She is sensitive and cries easily. Her English is poor. I am very concerned about the morality of bringing her to the U.S. as a teenager and what I think will be many, many adjustment problems for her. I don’t want to hurt this child in any way, and am very concerned that taking her away from her Russian environment, even with her mother, might be harmful to her. Both she and her mother want to come here, both say they love me, but, as I said, I am really concerned about this child and want to protect her, to the extent that I will give up on the relationship with the mother and the daughter if I think that it is against the child’s interests in migrating to the U.S. at her age. What do you think? Thank you so much for your advice!
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