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Russia, Moscow
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The sun

Bouquet glows with gerbera daisies, liatris poms, statice and asters.
White dream

The perfect gift for any special occasion or just because. White-colored lilies with heart-shaped petals, so tender, so caring. The gift of the real gentleman to his lady.
Bouguet of roses

Steal their heart with eleven stunning roses and your message will be clear! Our florists arrange 12 long-stemmed roses with delicate florals and fresh greens.
Bouguet with blue statice

Shining with yellow roses, red alstroemeria, and blue statice.
Red roses and Lilies

Deep red Roses and hot pink Lilies unfold to set fire to the heart of any romantic.
Purple flowers

The freshest flowers.
Blushing rose bouguet

spirited blend of hot pink roses and white mini-carnations
Perfect roses

Available in pink, red, yellow, white, or peach. 25 roses will move the heart of any woman.
Miniature Red Rose

Long lasting miniature rose plants arrive blooming and beautiful and will rebloom with proper care.
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