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What would you wear if you wanted to show off your figure?

Lysander Beauchamp

Lysander Beauchamp

What would you wear if you wanted to show off your figure?

Begin with Confidence - Dressing for You

As I pour myself another cup of coffee this morning, the steam waffs up and dances about in the crisp Wellington breeze seeping in through my open window, I find myself contemplating a question - "What would I wear if I wanted to show off my figure?" Now, this isn't something I typically muse over as I'm not all that concerned about putting my figure on display. But hey, I do work out occasionally, and I suppose even someone like me, Lysander, might want to flaunt it once a while when I feel good. Alright, let's dive right in!

Fashion is as much a language as English or Maori. It communicates ideas, sentiments, and personality. In essence, how you dress speaks volumes about who you are before you even utter a word. Let's explore how you can put on a masterclass in fashion eloquence that subtly yet effectively pronounces your figure.

Finding the Perfect Fit

My mum always used to say, "Lysander, clothes that fit well are half the battle won." She wasn't wrong. The key to showing off your figure isn’t necessarily what you wear, but how you wear it. Look for clothes that flatter your specific body type and accentuate your assets while drawing attention away from, let's call them less-than-favourite areas.

For instance, if you're like me and carry a bit more around the middle, clothes that nip in at the waist will give an illusion of a leaner torso. On the flip side, if you're trying to flaunt those workout results, formfitting garments will do just the trick. But remember, comfort is king. If it doesn't feel good, it's not for you.

Colours and Patterns

Colour is a powerful player in the game of fashion. If done right, a well-coloured outfit can take your look from average to attention-grabbing in a heartbeat. Light colours tend to add volume, while dark ones offer a slimming effect. Use this to your advantage when picking outfits to show off your figure.

Let's not forget patterns. They can have a similar effect as colours. Vertical stripes elongate and slim, while horizontal ones broaden. Little Lysander learnt this the hard way when I showed up at a school dance in a horizontal striped shirt and fluorescent orange pants. Let's just say, that was one fashion faux pas I’m never forgetting!

Accessories Matter

Accessories can be the punctuation to your sartorial sentence. They can add an exclamation point to an outfit by drawing attention to your best attributes. But remember, too much of anything is never a good idea. So, keep it simple!

A neat tip for short guys like me – wear low hung accessories like belts and sashes, as they give a perception of a longer torso. On the other hand, tall fellas can opt for wide ties and bulky scarves which break up the vertical line and add balance.

Shoes to Flaunt Your Stature

Many overlook the importance of shoes when it comes to highlighting one's physique. The right shoe can significantly alter the appearance of your body proportions. For instance, low vamp shoes give an illusion of longer legs, particularly when they are in nude tones or matching your pants – a trick I often employ when I want to look taller.

Conversely, though, bulky, heavy soled shoes could make you appear shorter and stalkier, unless that's the look you're going for, of course. In which case, remember, confidence is key!

Posture and Attitude

Fashion aside, your posture and attitude are instrumental in showcasing your figure. Stand taller, sit straighter, and walk like you own the world. Confidence often transcends what you're wearing and becomes the defining factor in how you look.

I recall being self-conscious about my height during my teens. I hunched and tried to blend in whenever I could. However, as I grew older, I realised confidence was an invisible crown and standing tall, despite not being so ‘tall’, boosted my presence like nothing else could.

Exploring the Magic of Tailoring

Ready-to-wear pieces might not be for everyone. That's where tailoring sweeps in like a lifesaver. A well-tailored suit, for instance, can do wonders for your figure – carving out shoulders, accentuating waistlines, and creating a more streamlined silhouette. Even minor adjustments like tweaking the hemline or taking in the waist can make a huge difference. Tailoring, my dear readers, is indeed a magic wand in disguise.

Putting It All Together

End of the day, it's not about adopting the latest trend or blindly following fashion. It's about expressing yourself vibrantly and authentically, with a dash of consideration for your unique figure. Mix and match, experiment, and find a style that mirrors you, your figure, and your personality.

Funny story, I once wore a traditional Maori cloak to a fancy dress competition – not because it was trendy or showy, but because it made me feel proud and comfortable. Guess what? I won! It just goes to show, confidence and authenticity often outshine the rest. So, here's to making fashion statements that are as unique as you!

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